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Candidate – Testionials

Cate W – Account Director

I first contacted Judi while still in South Africa, 6 months before moving to the UK. Judi kept in touch with me throughout this time and secured an interview for me within 6 weeks of me being in London. Judi is professional, reliable and an extremely good judge of character. She knew exactly which agency was right for me and I am still here 1.5 years on.

Jenny W – Associate Planner

Judi is a highly experienced recruitment professional. She is extremely efficient and really understands the world of planning from a recruitment standpoint. Equally importantly, she is a very pleasant individual who I thoroughly enjoyed dealing with.

Nicki W – Senior Account Manager, Space

Judi placed me in my current role and during my search she was very supportive and put me forward for many roles that were of interest to me. She was always on hand to answer questions about each stage of the interviews and gave feedback within a day of each of them. I am very happy in my current role and Judi encouraged the agency to see me despite my experience mainly being client side. I have recommended Judi to friends who have been looking for work since.

Stephen F- Director

It’s quite fitting that I get to recommend Judi as that is how she was introduced to me by a colleague. And very grateful I am too.I have worked with Judi as both a Client and Candidate and the experience has been consistently great. People I have interviewed can’t speak highly enough of her and I have always valued her experience and integrity.  No flannel or hard sell, Judi always tells it like it is. Refreshing that, isn’t it.

Simon C – Board Account Director, JWT

Judi, is one of those dedicated recruitment specialists that anyone in their search for the next step in their career is dying to meet. Glad I was one of those lucky individuals. Thanks Judi for all your help and commitment.

Lola G – Production and Account Director, A Little Bird

The first time I spoke to Judi it stroke me how real and warm sheis. Not only she is someone who truly understands your needs,but someone you can rely on to support you during the processof finding a new job. If you’re after a capable professional withgreat contacts, topped with a human touch, that’s Judi.

Layla E – Senior Account Director, Avantgarde

Great representation from Judi as always, super fast turn-aroundand always a pleasure to speak with.

Matthew J – Account Director

Judi’s been a massive help in my search; introducing me to somegreat businesses and helping me land the right role – it was anexcellent match. With her personable style we quicklyestablished an excellent rapport. If I’m ever looking, Judi’s at thetop of my list. Thanks Judi.